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Airport Arrival Simulation

Modelling International Airport arrivals and processing is essentially a series of process steps (Immigration, salivation booths,...

UK "R" value turned on 9 January

The UK was in all sorts of bother on 6 January 2021. See here. However the UK's reproduction rate fell below 1.0 three days later on 9...

USA - what a difference a month makes

We have been in hiatus while establishing and we last reported on 6 January 2021 on worsening data from the US and...

UK and US reproduction rates worsen

The UK Government has announced a third total lockdown as its daily case numbers surge to nearly 60,000 cases. The UK reproduction...

California and LA improving

California's reproduction rate is falling to 1.0 and is on track and in 10-14 days we should see daily cases falling dramatically if the...

UK COVID-19 spread climbing

The UK recently announced a new, more infectious SARS-CoV-2 variant is spreading and they are instituting new social distancing measures...

Europe's second wave gets worse

The second wave of infection across European States is a lot worse than during the Northern Hemisphere spring and summer.

Europe in full grip of a second wave

Across Europe the pandemic has clearly taken a step up in the last week and the situation is much worse than our 5 October blogpost.

Second waves in Europe and USA

There is a clear second wave building in both continents as we transition from autumn/fall and head into winter.

The UK is getting worse

Our analysis is this surge began nine weeks ago in mid-July 2020 and we called it mid-August.

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