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Late summer upsurge on two continents

European Union nations and many US states are facing upsurges in COVID-19 which is a continuation of the trends...[we already identified]

Europe's second wave building

Six days ago we asked the question whether Europe was about to suffer a second wave of COVID-19 infection. Today most countries have...

Middle East mix

...a resurgence of COVID-19 reproduction rates with Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, West Bank and UAE all reporting Reff rates above 1.0.

South Korea's super surge

The COVID19.modeller presents a South Korean super surge underway with a large increase in new daily cases expected...

Nordic variations

Norway and Finland have the highest Reff values but compared to Sweden they have relatively fewer new case numbers.

Europe's second wave?

European countries have increasing COVID-19 reproduction (Reff) values above 1.0 and that has been true for some time.


Our SIR+B method now says that Victoria Australia has Reff < 1 from 8 August 2020. See our time lapse animation of the method below. Here...

SIR+B applied to Victoria, Australia

Victoria, Australia, is currently suffering an outbreak of COVID-19 and the state government is increasing social distance restrictions...

COVID-19 Modeller - Support articles

This article provides an overview of key topics to get you started using the COVID-19 Modeller. There are three sections - signing up,...

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