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Business & Government plan - Accessing the latest data in the COVID-19 Modeller

When you have a business or government plan, CloseAssociate will populate the latest conditions file automatically for you into a folder called Initial conditions shared with me within the Manage initial conditions library. You can use this data file to create your own simulations. All saved simulations you create will appear in your My initial conditions folder.

  1. To use the latest conditions file from the COVID-19 Modeller dashboard select Open initial conditions, select the Initial conditions shared with me folder and then select the data file you wish to use. The data files will be in date order with the latest file available at the top of the list.

  2. On the COVID-19 Modeller dashboard, select Run simulation and then Save a copy. We would recommend you use the date as part of your naming convention. Your copy is saved into the My initial conditions folder in the condition library. There is no limit on the number of simulations you can save.

  3. Back on the dashboard you will now have both the Save and Save a copy options available. You can undertake a what-if analysis by changing the mitigations, population statistics and mitigation conditions in the left hand panel and then run and save the simulations.

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