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Creating an account - sign up to access the COVID-19 Modeller

Updated: May 7, 2020

This help topic describes how to create an account and access the COVID-19 Modeller.

The sign-up process will ask you to verify your email address, create a password (minimum of 12 characters), as well as provide a mobile number to set up 2-factor authentication. You will receive public access rights to the COVID-19 Modeller by default.

  1. Go to

  2. Select Sign in or Sign Up button

  3. From under the Sign in button, select Sign up now link

  4. Enter your email address and select Send verification Code

  5. Go to your email account, copy the verification code, return to the sign-up process, enter the verification code and select Verify code

  6. Enter your remaining details, including password (the password must be at least 12 characters), your name and Country/Region, select Create

  7. To set-up 2-factor authentication select your Country Code and enter your mobile number, choose Send Code. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile

  8. Read the Terms and Conditions, check the I agree to the terms and conditions detailed below check box, and select Proceed

  9. You will be taken to the COVID-19 Modeller. By default you have public access rights

  10. To request business or government access select Change Plan from the top right of the COVID-19 Modeller window and choose the appropriate Request ... plan button

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