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Getting started - Add the latest data into the COVID-19 Modeller

Updated: May 7, 2020

To keep your forecasts up to date in the COVID-19 Modeller you will want to use the latest data. This article covers how to download the latest data file and add this to the initial conditions library in the modeller.

This article applies to public access only. For accessing the latest data with a business or government plan see the help topic Business & Government plan - Accessing the latest data in the COVID-19 Modeller

1. Log in to the site and go to File Share. See Signing up to access the data files if you haven't signed up to the blog site.

2. Download the latest conditions file. This is a zip file and the contents will need to be extracted before being uploaded into the COVID-19 Modeller.

3. From File Explorer navigate to where you have saved the zip file, right click, select Extract All and then Extract

4. Open the COVID-19 Modeller Dashboard, select Manage initial conditions from the banner.

5. Select Upload version1 file navigate to where you have saved the latest *.json file. Select the file and choose Open.

6. Use the back arrow to return to the COVID-19 Modeller dashboard.

Remember public access allows you to save three models in your library. If you have reached the public access plan limit, you may need to delete a model or request an upgrade to a business or government plan. See Upgrading your plan to Business or Government.

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