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Getting started - Overview of the COVID-19 Modeller Dashboard

Updated: May 7, 2020

There are five key areas on the dashboard.

  1. Manage Initial Conditions is accessed from the centre of the COVID-19 Modeller banner and provides you access to a library of condition files which contain the data you will need to run the modeller. See the help topic: Managing your data library.

  2. In the top left of the dashboard are your main controls including options to create a new simulation, import conditions (see above), save a simulation and run a simulation. See the help topic: Running your first simulation in the COVID-19 Modeller

  3. The left hand panel allows you to review or change alert levels and then modify the mitigating factors.

  4. Once you have run the simulation the resulting charts will appear.

  5. Finally, at the top right of the screen you can request to change your plan from Public access to Business or Government, get help or update your profile details.

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