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Getting started - Running your first simulation in the COVID-19 Modeller

Updated: May 7, 2020

To get you started a set of demonstration conditions have been loaded into the COVID-19 Modeller. This article will discuss how to run your first simulation using this demonstration data.

The demonstration conditions file is available for you to explore the use of the COVID-19 Modeller, change mitigation factors and run test simulations. The data does not represent a real forecast. We would suggest you delete the demonstration file and any copies you have saved once you are familiar with the tool and are ready to get started.

  1. From the COVID-19 Modeller Dashboard, select Open initial conditions

  2. Select the Demonstration initial conditions file from your initial conditions library

  3. The left hand panel will be populated with the mitigations, population statistics and mitigation conditions. We suggest you run a simulation with no changes to the assumptions and save this as your baseline simulation. Select the Run simulation button

  4. Selecting Save will save your simulation using the file name of the underlying *.json file. You can choose Save a copy... and give the simulation results a name you specify.

If you have saved a copy the file will now be available in your conditions library under Manage initial conditions.

Viewing the results

The results area will be populated. Across the top of results area you will have six chart options to display. Click once on the heading to show the chart.

Adding and using the latest data - public user

  1. To add the latest data file into your condition library see the help topic: Getting started - Add the latest data into the COVID-19 Modeller

  2. From the COVID-19 Modeller dashboard choose Open initial conditions and select the latest data file

  3. From the COVID-19 Modeller dashboard select Run Simulation. You can now Save or Save a copy of the model then modify the mitigations, population statistics and mitigation conditions and run the simulation again to undertake a what-if analysis.

Using the latest data - business and government users

If you have a Business or Government plan see the following help topic: Business and government - accessing the latest data

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