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Modelling Covid19 tools

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We have built Covid19 data modelling tool that allows planners to model the effect of social distance on the disease profile in a population.

The basic version is free to use. Click here. To use it you need a New Zealand parameter file which you can download here.

The model is based on the mathematical model developed by Hendy with parameters here.

We have developed a modelling tool here that allows planners to

  1. Set the initial conditions

  2. Add in Covid19 mitigations

  3. Run a simulation

The simulation results current provide a time series of

  • SEIR Model

  • Infection time series /day

  • Cumulative fatalities

  • Hospitalizations /day

  • ICU admissions /day

  • Fatalities /day

The initial conditions give flexibility and the model can be adapted to any population so planners can fit their own initial conditions and do what ifs and make predictions.

An example of the output is given below.


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