• Karlene Ward

Upgrading your plan to Business or Government

By default you will have a public access rights to the model after sign up. See the following table for use rights. You need to belong to a subscribed organisation in order to access a Business or Government Plan. You can ask us about that, or request a new subscription at support@closeassociate.com.

Once you are a subscribed organisation, staff can request business or government access by selecting Change Plan from the top right of the COVID-19 Modeller window and choosing the appropriate Request ... plan button.

You will need to provide the following details:

Your organisations name, the name of the key person in your organisation who authorises access to the COVID-19 Modeller, along with their email address and contact phone number

Once complete, select Submit Request. This is not an automated process.

You are free to work with the COVID-19 Modeller under the public access plan until your request is processed. You will be notified via email once your plan has been upgraded.

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